Sand Rail, Dune Buggies and Dune Buggy Australia
Sand rails in Australia - Get your own Sand Driving Adventure
More and more sand rails and other off road buggies are heading out on Australia's vacation beaches, kicking up the sand with their tyres, jumping up and down the dunes. Whether you want to learn more about what sand rails can do or where to get one, we'll be bringing what you want to know. Browse through our site to learn more about sand rail and other off road buggies.

Sand rails are designed to be tough and lightweight and run with as few parts as possible, to avoid weight issues and to allow the vehicle to power itself over sand. Sand dunes are challenging terrain; requiring vehicles with a large footprint, excellent balance, and lots of power to spin out of tricky pits.

Sand Rail and Dune Buggy

These recreational vehicles typically have no metal body panelling, no doors, windows, or fenders, a low centre of gravity, and a chassis frame plus a roll cage made of tubes, from which the sand rail gets its iconic looks.

Sand rails basically are a tube metal frame with a seat plus a rear-mounted or centre-mounted engine, transmission, and a set of tyres and wheels. Their steel frame makes sand rails easy to reweld and repair.

Wide floatation tyres keeps sand rail wheels from getting bogged down around the dunes. For body styling of showcase sand rails (making them like dune buggies), sand rail makers may use fabric or plastic sheets in between the rails.

Sand rails are almost always powered from the rear with manual transmission, for maximum driver's control and intuitive steering. Engines for sand rails are often aircooled, with no radiators or other multi-fangled parts that can be damaged by exposure to sand grains. Watercooled engines are appearing in newer sand rail models.

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